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Garbage disposals can sometimes be a little tricky to deal with. What should or should not be thrown at the disposal, how to clean it, how to take objects out of it without injuring yourself, and what to do if it stops running. Here are some neat tips to help guide your way around this frequently used machine.

Halloween is right around the corner which means it’s about time to start carving pumpkins! The pulp from pumpkins can get stuck in the blades and cause them to not work as well with other food. When disposing of food you should be really careful about what goes into the garbage disposal. Some examples of foods that should not go in the garbage disposal are foods such as celery, asparagus, artichokes, and potato skins.

Cleaning the garbage disposal isn’t as tricky as some may assume. One thing you do want to avoid when cleaning is harsh chemicals. Cleaners like bleach and drain cleaners can actually damage your pipes and blades. A simple way to clean the inside would be to pour some dish soap into the disposal while cold water is running. Let the garbage disposal run at the same time. Another neat trick is putting some ice cubes in the drain and letting the garbage disposal run. Chopping up the ice cubes actually helps sharpen blades as well as clean them from past food debris.

In the event that silverware or any other objects that you didn’t want to put down the garbage disposal falls, do not try to pull it out with your hands. For example, tongs are always useful, or perhaps a coat hanger in case it was jewelry or any other small object that had fallen down the disposal.

Cleaning the garbage disposal, however, doesn’t always get rid of that nasty odor that can sometimes develop. Try tossing a couple of lemon or orange slices down and letting it run with the cold water running from the tap. It will give off a clean, citrus aroma. However, in some cases, an unpleasant odor that does not go away could mean that something is wrong with the garbage disposal.

Usually, a garbage disposals life span is between ten to twelve years. If it has a recurring bad odor. No matter how much you clean it or try and make the smell go away. Another sign is if it takes a while to break down food.

In the event that garbage disposal is not running at all. Try turning the power and reset button on and off. Also, check for a blown fuse or for a tripped circuit that might have caused the garbage disposal to malfunction. If all else fails then be sure to give the trusty technicians at Express Plumbing Heating & Air a call!

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