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Today is the first day of winter. As we’re walking in our winter wonderland, we might forget that it’s not just the water in the lakes that are freezing. If you haven’t properly winterized your home, there’s a chance your pipes may freeze as well. It’s a nasty shock when you turn on your tap and nothing comes out! There are a few things you can do to keep your water flowing.

The simplest way to help prevent frozen pipes is to keep a faucet dripping. It’s one of those “old wife’s tales” that’s actually true! First, determine where water enters the house from. You will want to leave the sink that is farthest from the water entry running. That way the water has to flow all the way through the house to get to it. This will help prevent most pipes from freezing.

Another couple of preventative measures you could try involve insulation. At most supply houses you can find pipe insulation to use. Not only will this help prevent pipes from freezing, but it can also help reduce the energy needed to heat water in the winter months. For outside fixtures, you can acquire a dome-type insulator to protect them during the winter months.

If your pipes do freeze, don’t panic! There are steps you can take to try to get things moving. Leave a faucet open so if the pipes begin to thaw, the water running through helps things along. You may want to try wrapping hot towels around the frozen area. You can also use a space heater or heat gun to get things moving. Don’t, however, use a blowtorch, propane heater, or anything else with an open flame.

If you are unable to thaw the pipes or locate the frozen area, it’s time to call in reinforcements. Express Plumbing technicians are very familiar with frozen pipes. Call us today!

Brad Jordan

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