With the fall season here and summer activities coming to an end, many of us are anticipating and planning for doing things indoors like having family visitors and preparing large meals. This means extra work for your home’s plumbing system. Nobody wants to get caught off guard when the seemingly simple little drip in the bathroom faucet leads to a major plumbing malfunction. Use the fall months to address any plumbing issues before they escalate.

There are many drains in your home. All of them can become clogged and cause issues with your plumbing system. Different rooms in your home deal with different culprits. Food particles, soap, and grease are issues in the kitchen. Hair, make-up, and health and beauty products cause problems in the bathroom. All of these things can cause a build-up on the inside of your pipes and begin to reduce the diameter of the pipe itself. Water and other substances have issues getting through. Due to this build-up, the drain eventually becomes completely blocked.

A leaky faucet can indicate a bigger problem that may require professional repair services. Worn-out parts are the most common reasons for a leaking faucet. Over time, the seals and cartridges of your faucet break down from general wear and tear. You will need to replace these. A dripping faucet can be an indication of a broken pipe or fitting. Always take leaking faucets seriously.

A toilet that is constantly running could be wasting water and costing you extra money. There are many reasons why your toilet may constantly run. The mechanics of a toilet are fairly simple. However, these are several moving parts and that means several causes for a malfunction. The issues can range from a simple blockage in the tank that is not allowing the flapper to seal completely. To something more complicated that could lead to a bigger problem. It is important not to ignore a running toilet and properly diagnose the cause of the problem.

While these issues may seem like nothing to worry about. The worst possible time for a plumbing emergency would be during a dinner celebration when you have a houseful of guests. Carve out sometime the next few months of fall to address each of the problem areas. Express Plumbing Heating & Air offers 24/7 emergency services for your ease of mind during this holiday season.

Brad Jordan

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