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Fall 2018 Tips for Your Plumbing
It’s starting to cool down and the leaves will soon change. Does your plumbing have to change too? To avoid those costly plumbing emergencies there are some things you can do to your plumbing to ensure that it is going to have a smooth winter. Here are some helpful tips for your plumbing this Fall 2018!

Watch Out for the Freeze

Fall weather is unpredictable but being able to know when freezing temperatures are going to hit is a valuable thing to keep your eyes on. When freezing temperatures hit it can freeze the water in your pipes leading to unwanted expansion and possible breaking of the pipe. Watch out for when that first freeze will hit so that you can plan on keeping your in-house plumbing warm; and so, that you can remove blockages from your gutters. If left unchecked, blockages in your gutters can lead to unwanted and dangerous ice dams. Also, the freezing wait of water that had been blocked by debris in your gutters can put a lot of weight and lead to breaks or cracks in your plumbing structure.

Stay Warm!

Not only you but your plumbing needs to stay warm during the fall and the winter. As the temperatures start to lower be sure that you’re keeping your house at a warm temperature. If your pipes in your house freeze due to the cold weather than your pipes could burst. You probably wouldn’t even know they have broken until the freeze is over. So, be sure to keep your house at a warm temperature this Fall 2018 to keep your plumbing safe.

Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze

Remember, your pipes are vulnerable to freezing during the fall and the winter. If you have any pipes that are above ground or are exposed be sure to protect them. How do you protect your pipes? You can apply heat tape and pipe insulators for example to ensure they continue to flow water through them when the cold weather hits. We don’t want water to sit in your pipes and freeze because that could lead to the pipes bursting. Don’t forget to remove hoses from your outside hose bibs and that they are shut off completely. If you have any leaks now you should call a professional to come out and get them fixed.

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