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Did you know that Express Plumbing Heating & Air uses different equipment for excavation work?. Since the early 1900’s our advances in our ability to move Earth and rock is impressive. The mules are now replaced with diesel engines and the scoop has been transformed to perform many specialized tasks. Today we are going to briefly outline the most common types of equipment that are used.


It is a simple, versatile machine that has numerous uses. Generally, it is a self-propelled track machine. The bulldozer pushes or pulls only. A front-end loader uses a front bucket to lift soil to load a truck. it is used for clearing, grading, ripping rocks and general site maintenance. The sizes vary from small machines for fine grading to huge machines that need special permits to be hauled over bridges.

Front End Loader:

This is found on most projects at one time or another. A front-end loader can be either rubber tires or a track machine. It has a front bucket that tilts vertically to load and unload. It can excavate and carry soil to lad into a truck. Although it is less ideal than a bulldozer it can grade and spread borrow. It also provides on-site material transportation.

Mini Excavators:

As their name suggests, mini excavators are smaller versions of full-sized excavators. One of the main advantages of these is their ability to fit into tight spaces. This makes them useful in cramped situations. The housing unit can typically rotate independently of the undercarriage. Their power, depth, and good view make mini excavators useful at digging up areas around a water pipe and underground electrical wiring.

Brad Jordan

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