When something is done so often that it becomes a common expression, we often don’t stop to think about what has become normal to us. However, simply flushing everything “down the drain” can not only be harmful to your home plumbing system. But harmful to your environment as well. Please take heed and never wash any of the following items down your drains.

One of the most common and problematic things sent down the drain is cooking grease. It may seem convenient to just pour the grease right into the sink. But as it makes it’s way down and cools, it begins to thicken and harden up in your pipes. Find an old jar or can to pour the grease into, and then check with your city government to find a safe place to dispose of it.

Motor oil is something that could cause a major environmental impact if washed down the drain. Just one gallon of motor oil could contaminate up to a million gallons of water! If you choose to change your vehicle’s oil by yourself, make sure to look up a safe and legal place to recycle it.

When you have a nice, lush lawn, it’s easy to go overboard on using fertilizer and chemicals to keep it that way. These chemicals can run off into storm drains and contaminate the water supply when the soil becomes oversaturated. Try to use these products in your yard as sparingly as possible.

Another thing to consider while thinking of lawns is pet waste. Outside time and regular walks are paramount for fido’s health and happiness. However, everyone’s least favorite part is picking up his leavings. While unpleasant, pet waste is considered raw sewage and can be toxic to humans. Make sure to pick up the waste and throw it in the trash, and always wash up afterward!

Last, but certainly not least, is a prescription medication. We’ve all heard the old adage that the best way to deal with these is to flush them away. Unfortunately, this puts them into the water supply, affecting plant and animal life. In some cases, they can make it full circle and back out of your home tap! Most local governments, and occasionally even pharmacies, have safe drop disposal sites for you to get rid of these safely.

Here at Express Plumbing Heating & Air, safety is a top priority!

Brad Jordan

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