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Think you might need a camera inspection? There are many things that can cause your drains to back up. So it could be from putting things that don’t belong in your plumbing system down the drain. This includes items like cotton swabs or hygiene products or cooking grease after preparing a meal. However, there is a chance you have a larger issue, like invasive tree roots or line bellies. You probably need a camera inspection if your lines are backing up regularly.

Here is how it works: a licensed plumber comes out to inspect your line with a special camera. So they feed the camera down the line and watch on a monitor. Doing this allows them to see inside your line. And detect problems without having to tear up your yard to do so. It’s a much less invasive and less destructive procedure. Quick and painless!

While it is true that using a plumbing auger will usually clear a line, when you have issues like tree roots this is just a temporary fix. Essentially, this makes a hole in the obstruction and is a temporary fix. It is almost a guarantee that the issue will arise again. So if your issue is larger, like sewer line bellies, using a snake will not help to repair your issue. The only way to know for sure is to see inside the line.

The great news is that a camera inspection will allow the technician to pinpoint the location of the issue at hand. If they find tree roots, it is most likely they will recommend you have the line cleared with a hydro jetter. This pushes water through your line at a high PSI rate and will blast those pesky roots away. If your line has an issue like bellies, the only remedy is replacing that section. Fortunately, since the technician was able to pinpoint the locations, this only means digging up what is absolutely necessary to fix the problem.

At Express Plumbing Heating & Air, we have experienced technicians ready to perform your camera inspection today! So not only will we get the heart of the issue, we will provide you with a video link of your camera inspections. Call us today!

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