A clogged drain or toilet may be a simple issue that you can solve yourself, or it might be indicative of a bigger issue, like a collapsed sewer line. If you’re in the Ada County area and have noticed signs of a clogged drain, call Express Plumbing Services at (208) 398-0309 for immediate assistance. 

Express Plumbing is a local company, and we’re familiar with the unique drainage challenges faced by Meridian area residents, such as tree root intrusion and hard water issues. Our friendly, expert plumbers offer fast drain repair to Meridian residents. Our team is located throughout the Treasure Valley, so we can be at your home quickly when you need help. 

Express Plumbing Drain Repair Services

Express Plumbing’s expert technicians offer the following plumbing repair services and drain-cleaning techniques: 

  • Video camera inspections
  • Hydro-jetting (pressurized water)
  • Snaking and auguring
  • Bio-friendly clogged drain cleaning solutions