With the advancements in technology today. It is completely feasible to have exactly the right kind of facilities at home to meet your needs. But what about a public restrooms? Are you a disabled American? You may have special needs. That is the purpose of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These standards were created and are enforced in places of public accommodation.

For public restroom complacency. You will find most of what you need in sections 603-606. These deal with toilets and bathing rooms. Water closets. Urinals, lavatories, and sinks. They outline the minimum standards of access for each fixture. Not only will following these standards keep you compliant with the law.

Section 603 of the ADA guidelines deal with the initial setup and design of the bathroom. For instance, a door shall not swing into the clear space in front of a fixture. So the exception to this would be that the restroom is for private use and is not open for use by the public.

Section 602 outlines the minimum size requirements of water closets. It also covers the placement of grab bars around the toilet. These bars are essential. The section also references the placement of toilet paper dispensers. Toe clearance, and flush controls.

Section 605 Specifically references urinal compliance. It references the height and depth requirements for urinals. Different specifications for wall-mounted types and stall types. The section references that both automatic and manual flush types are acceptable. It also covers the minimum requirement for clear space around the urinal.

The last section we need to worry about is 606. This references lavatories and sinks. There are certain guidelines. Which placement of towel and soap dispensers must fall.

It is very important to make sure that your business is ADA compliant. Not only is it the law. But it is important to make a safe comfortable environment. That’s available to everyone. If you need help getting your bathroom up to code. Give us a call!

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