You rely on your drains every day. They are needed when using the kitchen sink, taking a shower, using the toilet, or running a washing machine or dishwasher. Drain clogs often build up over time. This means you’re likely to notice changes before there’s a major plumbing problem. You can avoid more serious issues by contacting a drain cleaning professional in the following situations:

Standing Water

If there’s a serious clog, water may not drain at all. Standing water in a shower or sink means you should call a plumber immediately. This can also happen in appliances such as your washing machine. The clog may be a foreign object or a buildup of hair, soap, food particles, or personal care products.

Water Is Backing Up

A water backup is a mess to clean up especially if it involves an overflowing toilet. It can cause major damage to your home and contain waste, bacteria, and viruses. The problem is likely caused by a complete blockage, so call a plumbing professional for drain cleaning and an inspection to find other potential causes.

A Slow Drain

Water may drain slowly if there’s a partial clog near the drain or elsewhere in your plumbing. If there’s any material blocking a pipe, more will accumulate. The pipe must therefore be cleaned properly. Soap, grease, hair, and other culprits should be removed before the problem gets worse.

Your Plumbing Is Noisy

Irregularities in water flow can cause bubbling or gurgling sounds. You’ll notice these when you run the tap in a sink or flush the toilet. Noise is a good indicator of a drainage issue because it signifies that water is squeezing through tighter spaces.

Drains/Plumbing Fixtures Are Smelly

If waste and sewage are present in pipes, it can emit strong odors that can reach anywhere in your home. Rotting food can emit odors too if it isn’t washed away. Professional drain cleaning is needed, as quick remedies such as pouring baking soda and vinegar down may not be enough, especially if solid material is blocking a pipe.

Drains Keep Clogging Up

When drains clog up again although you recently took care of the problem, and/or the issue affects multiple drains, there may be a serious blockage. No quick fix will work. A professional drain cleaning service is needed to break up the clog that may be deep in the system.

Fruit Flies Love Your Home

If fruit flies suddenly take a liking to your home, and you’ve cleaned your kitchen, food may be stuck in your plumbing. The flies will smell it and take a flight to find it. Seeing lots of them can mean it is time to call a local plumber for drain cleaning.

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