Whether it be that you have a small bathroom or want to be creative and put a little flair in your bathroom, storage is a huge thing for your bathroom. Nifty bathroom storage ideas are just what you need to not only make the clutter disappear but to add a sight that is pleasing to the eye. Even your guests will love what you’ve done! Clutter is always an eyesore and honestly something that we just shove underneath the sink so we don’t have to deal with it. However, these bathroom storage ideas will make that cutter disappear and bring a new sense of amazement to your bathroom.

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A Tower to Lean On

These baskets are simple and take up every little space. The basket tier tower is a perfect way to place items from the ground up. Because each basket becomes smaller than the next, it adds an appeal of diversity to your bathroom. While it is still simple, what you place in each basket makes it take up a category and its own organization. It can be placed next to your shower, toilet, or sink and break up empty wall space. Such simple bathroom storage ideas are so diverse you can place it anywhere and it will still be flawless

Toilet Paper Storage with Simplicity

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No matter where you put it, toilet paper is an eyesore. Unless you hide it underneath the sink with everything else that doesn’t seem to belong. You keep one role next to your toilet and it runs out quickly. You forget and have the worst time after you’ve finished. But, no worries! This bathroom storage idea gives your toilet paper a place to shine. Not only do you have to “in-use” toilet paper hanging ready to go; you also have a tiny shelf to place your backup toilet paper! Its simple design adds both space (you didn’t have before) and a solution to storing your toilet paper.

Display Case on Cloud Nine

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Not everything in your bathroom must be ignored in terms of beauty. This display case gives you an opportunity to place some bathroom items along with some decor items that will make your paradise look like a paradise. You can place and display little treasures that accent you supplies you’ve stuck in there as well. This display case is meant to be neat and simple; so, anything you place in it should be small and simple to pull off the stunning look of this display case. To personalize it, be sure to keep to glass, stainless steel, wood, or smooth stone container to keep the same (yet, personalized) look.

Mason Jars, Who Knew?

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Looking for some bathroom storage ideas that are something you can make out of supplies you probably already have in your home? Or they are just plain simple to make? This mason jar “shelve” is perfect for a simple, rustic, and beautiful look. Mason jars are cheap and making this is fast and cheap. Let’s not forget have practical they are! No matter where you place them, these mason jars are going to give you quick access to whatever you place in them! For hair, brushes, and combs, maybe even a small curler or straightener. If you have brushes for makeup then this is the perfect place to store them! Toothbrushes and toothpaste? Ideal candidates for your mason jar shelf. Not only is it practical, but you can even use it for decorations. Add some flowers for a refreshing and gorgeous decoration.

Bathroom Storage Hack

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Out of all of the bathroom storage ideas, there is an amazing one that you can do no matter what. This bathroom storage hack is something you can add to almost any current storage you already have in your bathroom. Stick pen holders, business card holders, or similar types of holders to the inside of your medicine cabinet (or be creative and find other places to stick them). This is a functional and stylish way to make your smaller bathroom supplies neatly where they belong (not to mention it is easier to find them and keep them clean). This bathroom storage hack brings an appearance to a cleaner, clearer, and classier look to your bathroom. It gives you existing storage (medicine cabinet or wherever you decide to place it) even more storage capacity!

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