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When it comes to home maintenance and improvement, many homeowners tend to overlook their plumbing system. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Your water line is designed to last decades, which is great news! With diligent care and maintenance, they can last over 60 years. However, as they age past this point, the lines will start to become more susceptible to problems.

The first step in taking charge of your plumbing system is making sure you know what it’s made of. Look at the home inspection report you received when you bought your home. This should tell you what type of material your pipes are. You should replace any lead pipes immediately. Although these have a life expectancy of 100 years, they can contaminate your drinking water!

Another thing you can do is routinely inspect your visible piping, especially if it is over sixty years old. Do you see any discoloration or stains? How about dimpling, flaking, or pimples? Irregularities like these could be signs of corrosion. Run some water into your bathtub as well. If the water you’re seeing is brown or yellow, that’s rust and a sign of decay within your pipes.

Only a licensed plumber can advise you of when you really need to replace your pipes, but we’ve been over some of the warning signs you can see for yourself. Another trick to use is seizing opportunities as they come. Are you planning a bathroom or kitchen remodel? Ask the plumber that is working on the job for a bid on replacing the piping. This could drop the pricing that it would be otherwise since they are already on site!

You may also want to press your plumber for all available options. You may want to stick with the piping material that they recommend, but be sure to ask about the other options out there and the differences between them. Always ask for a second opinion if you become uncomfortable with a bid. Remember, this is for the overall health of your home!

The only way to tell for sure that your line needs replacement is to have a professional inspect it. Having a camera inspection may be a good idea. Especially if you are having issues with drains backing up or draining slowly on a regular basis. The problem may just be debris clogging the line or tree roots may have invaded it. You may not need to replace anything if this is the case. Your plumber may recommend replacing all or part of the line if the damage is too extensive. In either case, here at Express Plumbing Heating & Air Excavation Services we are fully equipped to proved you with excellent service at competitive pricing!

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