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Do you have a septic system? Then chances are you have a drain field. Did you know that the grass around your septic system can give you clues as to the condition of your septic system’s health? So There is an old saying “the grass is always greener on the other side,” well in regards to your septic system this could indicate a leak or early failure of your septic system drain field.

Your drain field is one of the most important parts of your septic system. When the waste leaves your septic tank, it flows along into the drain field where it saturates into the soil. If the drain field becomes clogged, it will flood and cause sewage backups. Therefore creating an unclean environment. So areas of greener grass growing over the septic tank are a sign of potential trouble and costly repairs. Septic tank systems do not typically show signs of failure unless they are in advanced stages of deterioration. A couple of signs to look out for are:

  • Standing water or soggy spots in the lawn.
  • Sewage rising up to the surface.
  • Toilets, sinks, or tubs backing up into the house.
  • A rotten egg smell.
  • A blackish stinky liquid in the field area.

If you suspect your septic system is having some issues. Call Express Plumbing Service today! Our trained service technicians can provide service maintenance or properly identify system failures.

Brad Jordan

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